Jamie-Leigh Cyphus

Jamie-Leigh Cyphus

Title: Education Consultant
Team: Birmingham

Hi, I'm Jamie and I have recently joined i-teachers as an Education Consultant for Birmingham.

Having previously worked in various educational roles, including previously being recruited for a support role within a primary school by i-teachers, I fully appreciate and see the value and impact graduates have in schools. I was inspired to join i-teachers' small and friendly team because of the unique and inspiring approach they take to improving recruitment, development and training opportunities for graduates within education. My experience gave me a fascinating insight into the passion the team has towards education, commitment to finding the perfect, long-term roles to support individual aspirations and drive to continue to support graduates into a successful career in education.

Education is very much a passion of mine and I firmly believe in the importance of everyone receiving equal opportunities to achieve their ambitions and reach their potential, whether that be the teachers, graduates and schools that we support here at i-teachers. I am looking forward to successfully representing and supporting schools and graduates in the future and ultimately having a wider impact on education and children in schools.