Primary to Secondary Transition – Graduate Teaching Roles!

18/07/2019 | All

We are quickly coming to the end of the academic year for a number of primary and secondary schools across the UK this week, meaning Year 6 students have an exciting journey ahead of them this September! Although finishing primary school is an exciting prospect for most pupils, the very sudden realisation of the progression into secondary school and a completely new environment can be daunting.

If you think you could help primary pupils embrace the move into secondary education, and make sure they are fully prepared to begin a new and exciting chapter in their educational journey then take a look at the roles we offer below.

Here we have picked out two unique roles designed specifically to ease the transition from primary to secondary education…

KS2 Teaching Assistant – Information about the role:

For graduates looking to enter primary education, and have a real positive and valued impact on the development and preparation of Year 6 pupils for their progression into secondary education, we offer KS2 Teaching Assistant roles.

A fantastic opportunity to make an invaluable contribution to pupils not just with their academic ability, this role consists of the KS2 Teaching Assistant working alongside the class teacher planning and delivering lessons, as well as structuring and conducting a variety of specifically designed support sessions, in both individual and group settings. In these sessions, the KS2 Teaching Assistant will support the pupil in developing weaknesses in certain subjects, and make sure they are prepared and focused for their SATs examinations.

A chance to be part of a cohesive and dedicated primary department, this is the perfect teaching role for graduates looking to make a real and positive impact on the development of Year 6 pupils before their progression into secondary education.

Transition Learning Mentor – Information about the role:

A unique and rewarding role, a Transition Learning Mentor is a position designed specifically to help aid the development and progression of new Year 7 pupils, who may need extra support and attention as they integrate into a new environment and secondary education.

In a Transition Learning Mentor role, you will be working inside and out of the classroom in 1:1 support sessions, offering Year 7 pupils struggling to adapt to secondary education the chance to really develop their understanding of a new curriculum and get use to unfamiliar surroundings in a safe and comfortable environment.

A really rewarding role which offers graduates eager to join KS3 departments the opportunity to mentor and support young students whilst honing their own teaching skillset and attributes, another fantastic role aimed at supporting the transition of primary pupils into secondary education.

According to the Institute of Education, children who experience a successful transition have a more positive social integration into secondary education, develop much higher levels of confidence and self-esteem, as well as securing better results in their GCSE’s/A-Levels.

We at i-teachers value the importance of education and making sure every child is provided with the highest possible standard of academic learning experiences, and want to allow every child the opportunity to have a positive transition into secondary education!

To find out more about these roles visit our Graduate page and get in touch today!