Catch-Up Premium Information

If your school would like to know about i-teachers and how we can help maximise your COVID Catch-Up Premium please read below to find out how one of our dedicated Education Consultants can help. We work with schools across Greater London, West Yorkshire, Great Manchester, and Birmingham & the West Midlands and can consult with you about a range of Tutors including English, Maths, Science, Humanities, or any other requirements!

The Catch-Up Premium Fund

In June last year, Boris Johnson announced a £1 billion plan to help pupils in England make up lost learning time following months of school closures.

The Prime Minister pledged £350 million to the National Tutoring Programme (NTP) over the 2020-21 academic year to help the most disadvantaged pupils, while an additional £650 million would be shared across and given directly to schools to help children from all backgrounds who have missed lessons – as well as a further £300 million pledged by the The Department for Education (DfE).

Funding for 2021/2022 has recently been announced and is allocated to subsidise a 15-hour package of tuition for 60% of pupils eligible for pupil premium per school.

DfE have estimated that a 15-hour package of tuition will cost £270 per pupil, which averages £18 per hour per pupil. DfE will subsidise 75% of this and the school or academy trust will fund the remaining 25% from other budgets, which could include the recovery premium or pupil premium.

Additional weighting has been applied to special schools and units in recognition of the higher per pupil costs they face for tutoring. For these schools, DfE have estimated that a 15-hour package of tuition will cost £705 per pupil which averages £47 per hour per pupil. DfE will subsidise 75% of this, with special schools and units funding the remaining 25% through other budgets.

Funding Routes

As part of the NTP, three different funded routes have been developed for schools to access tutoring. These routes have been created to maximise take up, ease of access and overall quality of delivery. Schools are expected to access a mix of these routes to best meet the diverse needs of their pupils.

i-teachers can be used for both Routes 2 and 3. Schools are able to recommend a candidate for an Academic Mentor and headteachers can put forward an eligible candidate to complete the Academic Mentor training. i-teachers Graduates, who have all graduated with a 2:2 degree or above, are able to be nominated as Academic Mentors. 

Route 1 refers to Tuition Partners. Schools are able to access tutoring from an approved list of tutoring partners who offer a range of subjects. 70% of the cost will be subsidised in 2021/22 and schools will need to fund the remaining 30% through other budgets which are paid directly to the tutoring partner.

Route 2 refers to Academic Mentors, who are salaried members of staff that will work alongside teachers to provide a range of 1-1 and small group interventions. Academic Mentors are graduates or teachers who undergo intensive training before being placed in a school. 95% of the Academic Mentor’s salary will be subsidised in AY 2021/22. Schools will need to fund the remaining 5% through other budgets, for example Recovery Premium or Pupil Premium.

Route 3 refers to School-Led Tutoring. Under School-Led Tutoring, all eligible schools are given a ring-fenced grant to fund locally sourced tutoring provision for disadvantaged pupils. This could include using existing staff such as teachers and teaching assistants or external tutoring resources such as private tutors or returning teachers. The grant gives schools the flexibility to decide how tutoring can work best in their contexts to support disadvantaged pupils. 75% of the cost will be subsidised in 2021/22. Schools will need to fund the remaining 25% through other budgets, for example Recovery Premium or Pupil Premium.

What we offer

At i-teachers, we specialise in finding phenomenal graduate talent across a wide range of subjects to help support schools. We work on a close and personal basis with all of our schools, and will meet your individual vision, values, and exact needs to find you the perfect support staff member. At i-teachers, we know every school is different, and your catch-up premium should be seen in the same way. Your own dedicated consultant will help you maximise your premium to not only make a difference now, but to make an investment in your future too.

We can offer your school 1:1 Tutors, Small Study Group Leaders, Intervention Co-Ordinators, and Academic Mentors that are covered by your Catch-Up Premium. Our impact reports and tutoring schemes have been previously praised by Ofsted inspectors and can be implemented straight away to hit the ground running. We are so certain that we will find you the perfect candidate, we even offer free interviews or free trial days with anyone you want to meet.

Despite the Catch-Up Premium being a one-off fund for this academic year, at £80 per pupil, we aim to stretch it further through our adaptable and flexible graduates, who are the perfect candidates for your school’s Teacher Training pipeline.

Our Mission & the Education Endowment Foundation’s Advice

From our very beginning, i-teachers have always aimed to create an inclusive, first-class education for all pupils from Reception to Year 11, and Sixth Form & 16 to 19 programmes. To do this, we have worked hard with schools to implement cost-effective 1:1 tutors/academic mentors/teaching assistants/intervention coaches to optimise every pupil’s success stories.

The government has advised schools to take into consideration the Education Endowment Foundation’s advice, which i-teachers are proud to say covers exactly what we have been working towards for the last 4 years! The EEF has suggested that schools may wish to invest their funding in ‘Targetted Support’ through ‘one to one and small group tuition’ and ‘Intervention programmes’. Every school and every pupil is different and may benefit from different options when it comes to targeted support. As seasoned professionals in this area, all of our dedicated consultants will be happy to help adapt tutoring and coaching plans for you.

If you would like to see the full advice brochure from the EEF you can find it here:

Covid-19_support_guide_for_schools.pdf (



At i-teachers, we know that monitoring isn’t just important to show off during Ofsted inspections, but can be used as a valuable tool to maintain a working relationship between Pupil, Teacher, Parent, and Senior Leadership. For this reason we have created our own ‘Impact Report’ that can be tailor made for each individual.

Our ‘Impact Report’ resource has not just be praised by Ofsted Inspector’s, but also praised and supported by school leaders who find useful to help keep on top of Progress 8 and individual pupils’ progression! Our impact reports are delivered by our Tutors/Academic Coaches termly to Head of Departments and Senior Leadership; but are supported by weekly tracking tools that are fed back to class teachers. Tutors monitoring individual pupil’s progression 1:1 and in small groups encourages academic confidence for pupils and also supports your class teachers in grade assessment.

Next Steps

If your school is interested in how i-teachers can work for you, or want to know more about our Tutors/Academic Mentors/Intervention Co-ordinators and our impact report resources, we are happy to set up a meeting or even a quick informal chat.

Please find the contact information below for each of our areas across the UK:

Manchester: 0161 660 9942

Birmingham: 0121 667 2869

West Yorkshire: 0113 350 7857

London:  0203 355 0254

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