Our client schools choose us because of the quality of our candidates, because we minimise recruitment costs, and because we eradicate the need for supply teachers. We only accept the very best candidates, and we are absolutely not a short-term supply agency. Instead, we work with our client schools to positively impact long-term staffing and to maximise the use of school budgets.

We bring fresh, exciting and passionate talent into education and we keep those talented individuals engaged and working in education. We do this, firstly, by only working with premium candidates, who we identify by putting all applicants through our industry leading candidate vetting process. We then match each successful candidate to their ideal role in a school that suits them perfectly. This results in teachers who excel, increased performance from pupils and thus happy client schools who no longer see the need to do recruitment themselves because we provide higher quality candidates at a lower cost.

  • Cost effective - we eliminate the need for supply, eliminate ineffective advertising & reduce the need for continual recruitment
  • We have a rigorous, unique and industry leading selection and vetting process
  • We listen to our client schools and our candidates so that we find the perfect candidate for your school using our bespoke matching process
  • We are specialists in providing top quality teacher and support staff
  • We can offer tailored support to help you ‘grow your own’


We are specialists in recruiting top performing graduates into education. We have developed our own ‘step into teaching’ model to place the very best University graduates into teaching support roles in schools. Replace unstable supply positions with passionate, eager and inspiring graduates who will positively impact pupil attainment, attendance and aspiration. What’s more, these same graduates can then potentially take their teaching training positions at your school, or a partner school, the following year, creating a feeding in process which gives you the opportunity to mould and shape talented individuals to become outstanding teachers at your school.

  • 01

    CV submitted.

  • 02

    CV only accepted if:

    • Top University Graduate
    • 2.1 degree or higher
      (Except in exceptional circumstances)
  • 03
    Telephone Interview

    45 minute telephone interview.

  • 04
    Face to Face

    1 hour face to face or Skype interview.

  • 05
    Internal Discussions

    Internal discussions about best fit schools.

  • 06
    Perfect Candidate

    Perfect candidate put forward.



Deputy Headteacher

They are clearly driven by a desire to support education, not just to develop profit. They have both attended extended meetings at school where the successful candidates provided reports on the work they had completed in our school, and the impact they have had.



Head Teacher

I have found this organisation to be a significant cut above most teacher recruitment firms. They care about the individuals they are policing and adopt a close working relationship with us to make sure their placements are successful. This means they see their clients as human beings rather than statistics or numbers as many less reputable teaching recruitment firms tend to do.


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We have developed our own ‘step into teaching’ program because we are passionate about placing the very best graduates in teaching assistant roles in schools across the UK. Every child deserves the best education, and here at i-teachers we want to do our bit to make that happen. If you are interested in having Russell Group University educated graduates teaching assistants working for your school, please get in touch to learn more about our program.

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We are just as selective with our own employees as we are for our schools. Our staff are trained to be consultants, not sales people, working with you and your team to ensure that, not only are the very best candidates put forward, but that they are candidates who fit into your culture and who share your ethos.

Our consultants are trained to take the time to understand your needs and get to know your school. Each school is different, and our bespoke recruitment approach takes this into account. We also ‘grow our own’, running our own graduate and paid intern scheme, mirroring the process that has been so successful in our schools.

Don’t just take our word for it; contact us today for an open and honest discussion with one of our consultants.

  • continual investment in training
  • same rigorous candidate vetting process
  • industry experts
  • Amy Douglas
    Amy Douglas
    Managing Consultant
  • Bex Killoran
    Bex Killoran
    Education Consultant
  • Demi Bridges
    Demi Bridges
    Education Consultant
  • Emma Bannister
    Emma Bannister
    Education Consultant
  • Hamid Sheikh
    Hamid Sheikh
    HR & Compliance Manager
  • Holly Giles
    Holly Giles
    Senior Education Consultant
  • Izzy Chesters
    Izzy Chesters
    Sales and Compliance Trainee
  • Jack Shea
    Jack Shea
    Compliance and Sales Trainee
  • Joseph Lennox
    Joseph Lennox
    Senior Education Consultant
  • Pippa Welch
    Pippa Welch
    Education Consultant
  • Samantha Sharpe
    Samantha Sharpe
    Education Consultant
  • Shehla Adam
    Shehla Adam
    Compliance Officer