Our Team

Our dedicated team is truly passionate about making a difference within Education.

Our consulants and support staff are here to make your journey with i-teachers as smooth as possible & therefore their dedication and desire to make a difference is key to supporting you.

  • Amy Douglas
    Amy Douglas
    Managing Consultant
  • Bex Killoran
    Bex Killoran
    Education Consultant
  • Demi Bridges
    Demi Bridges
    Education Consultant
  • Emma Bannister
    Emma Bannister
    Education Consultant
  • Hamid Sheikh
    Hamid Sheikh
    HR & Compliance Manager
  • Holly Giles
    Holly Giles
    Senior Education Consultant
  • Izzy Chesters
    Izzy Chesters
    Sales and Compliance Trainee
  • Jack Shea
    Jack Shea
    Compliance and Sales Trainee
  • Joseph Lennox
    Joseph Lennox
    Senior Education Consultant
  • Pippa Welch
    Pippa Welch
    Education Consultant
  • Shehla Adam
    Shehla Adam
    Compliance Officer

Our Beginnings

Founded in 2016, i-teachers was born to be different. The “i” in i-teachers stands for innovation & gives the game away about our philosophy! We want to be different, innovate & put you, the teacher & school at the heart of everything we do.

Our staff are rewarded by how satisfied you are in your dealings with us, so hopefully you’ll find our service refreshingly different.

Our Vision

We are an education consultancy company working nationally across the UK, aiming to be a trusted source of genuine talent for schools and colleges, and a ‘go to’ space for those wanting to forge a career in education.

Our vision is to continue to provide a source of educated, ambitious role model candidates, supporting the academic progress, who work to improve the confidence, self-esteem, skills set and employability of young people within key areas of the country.

We select candidates with personal experience of and/or a commitment to social engagement, cohesion and mobility.

Core aims & values of i-teachers:

  • Combat teacher shortage in schools by improving quality of appointments
  • Offer graduates an alternative step into teaching through our ‘graduate programme’
  • Raise attendance, aspirations and attainment of today’s schools pupils to improve social mobility with targeted deployment of i-teachers graduates in schools