So, you’ve graduated from university! Congratulations! Working within education can be rewarding and inspiring, and we are happy to get you started… We have an array of graduate teaching jobs and a fantastic programme which will help you every step of the way and discover if a career in education is for you. 

What is our “Step into Teaching” programme?

Confused about how to get started and find graduate teaching jobs? There are multiple avenues to find a job within teaching, from PGCE’s to teaching programmes – quite often these avenues can be quite competitive and require you to have prior work experience. But here at i-teachers we understand that you may not have much experience but you do have passion! Which is one thing we require all our prospective teachers to have. 

At we aim to support you and allow you to explore teaching roles with our  ‘step into teaching programme’ to support all graduate roles in education. Our experienced education consultants will place you in a paid teaching assistant position that is perfectly suited to your skill set, in a school that suits your personality. We believe that practical experience is invaluable and learning from teaching experts is key. On your ‘step into teaching’ programme you will get to experience the life of a teacher, and truly impact the lives of pupils, whilst in a fully supportive environment. It is fantastic work experience both for your own personal development as well as for your CV, and you can earn whilst you learn!

There are a range of roles available to you, often linked to your degree subject. As we are a national company, you can also choose where in the UK you would like to be located. You will get to experience teaching first hand and ‘test the water’ before you dedicate yourself to a PGCE or other teacher training course. A large proportion of our graduates go on to train directly at their host school. You will be gaining invaluable work experience whilst you are inspiring your pupils and helping us to tackle the huge issue that is educational inequality.

Our friendly and experienced consultants will be with you every step of the way, helping you to make the best decisions for your career before, during and after your placement. Get in touch today to find out more about our team and how you can take your first step into teaching.

  • Be A Full Time Graduate Teaching Assistant
  • Get On The Job Learning Experience
  • Supported By Expert Teachers
  • Get Paid to Learn
  • Expand your CV and Teaching Experience
  • Inspire And Support Pupils
  • We have Graduate Teaching Jobs Throughout UK & Ireland
  • Be Matched To A Compatible School