i-teachers core values

19/03/2021 | All

If lockdown has provided us with anything productive, it has been the time to reflect! This week, the i-teachers team have been considering their core values and how they align with their roles and the company. We took time to reflect on our own values, our business values, why they are so important to us and how they can positively impact our clients. Having shared values can be an amazing way of building a relationship with the candidates and clients we work with!

We started by considering what our core business values are. i-teachers values’ are largely focused around our way of working – not WHAT we do but HOW we do it. The uniqueness of our team is built upon our framework, focusing on long-term solutions, adding value and providing exceptional service. As a business, our attention is completely dedicated to listening to what schools need and helping to build amazing teacher teams. We hold strong values within improving outcomes for pupils whilst combatting teacher shortage in schools by improving quality of appointments. We want to be different, innovative, and put the care of our schools and teaching staff at the heart of everything we do.

We then reflected on our personal values and why they are so important to us. Collectively, we identified our key values as individuals, with common themes such as passion, individuality and loyalty. It became clear that the individual values held by the team are what make i-teachers a collaborative and cohesive family all working towards a common goal. The pure dedication of every team member allows us to bring passion to every task at hand and is how we action our unique framework. The loyalty valued so heavily by each team member is displayed through the time and effort put into every placement. Without our individual dedication, enthusiasm and resilience – would i-teachers be where we are today?

Finally, we took time to think about how the values we have can positively impact the candidates and clients that we deal with. A common value shared by the i-teachers team is transparency, with honesty and integrity being a frequently coined term. By holding this value, we easily build trusting and long-term relationships with the graduates, teachers and Senior Leaders we work with every day. Another core value common throughout the team is positivity. The positivity held by the i-teachers team is easily seen by the passion shared throughout the whole business. i-teachers strive to have a positive long-term impact on schools. Every individual in our team is passionate about placing the right person to the right role, adding value and improving pupil outcomes.

Upon our reflection, it became clear to us just how widely shared our values as a business and individuals really are. Our values at i-teachers really are the heart of our business and are what gives us our own unique ‘personality’. Have you reflected on your core values recently? Do they align to the rest of your team?