The Chazuka Project – Malawi!


In Malawi, only 35% of children attend primary school where the teacher to student ratio is 1:130 on average. The aim of the Chazuka Project is to build a sustainable and resilient community within the Chazuka village. 

In its first few years, the Chazuka Project has been able to build a nursery school for the children, complete with a working kitchen and toilet! The school opened on Monday 25th February 2019 to welcome 25 children through the doors.  This will provide a fantastic opportunity for the children to achieve academically and explore a variety of subjects inside and outside the classroom.

Literacy, numeracy, expressive arts and practical work are taught in equal measure, with enthusiasm and creativity.  Each child will be given 1msq of land where they will learn to grow food.  They will also take practical classes to help with the fish farm that will be built on the side of the school, teaching skills that will enable children to contribute to economic growth within the village as they grow older.

i-teachers contributes to the sustainability of this project by funding the salaries for the teachers in the school.  Our team members are also set to raise additional money to provide resources and supplies for the children e.g. books, pens, paper among other bits!

The school also has a special little helper!  Lucy the Dog has been patrolling the premises making sure each part of the building process is completed on time.  Lucy is really pleased that the work finished on time and is ready to take her role in the school very seriously!

More updates to follow….