NCS The Challenge – Helping Graduates in the summer!

06/03/2019 | All

Are you currently completing i-teachers “step into teaching ” programme and are wondering how to utilise your time in the holidays?

We are working with NCS ‘The Challenge’ to offer a fantastic ‘Fast Track’ opportunity to help our graduates take part in a rewarding scheme to connect and inspire young people and strengthen their communities. As a graduate taking part in this exciting scheme you will get paid in the holidays and enhance your CV!  

What is ‘NCS The Challenge?’
NCS is a voluntary personal and social development programme run primarily by university graduates looking to gain fantastic work experience over the summer holidays, mentoring and guiding 15-17 year olds in a variety of extracurricular activities!

The programme itself was designed in 2009 by social integration charity The Challenge, and offers 15-17 year olds the opportunity to explore their passions outside of the classroom, shine a light on the challenges caused by social division and enhance young people’s confidence.  

Interested in becoming part of this wonderful programme? i-teachers can help you become a huge part of the NCS team this summer…

The ‘Fast Track’ option allows you as a graduate the opportunity to progress quickly through the application system, making sure you are prioritised in the selection of candidates for the summer!

Make sure you don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity utilise your time over the summer. Applications to work on NCS this year are now open – sign up at to submit your application. Contact us to obtain the unique code for your application to be fast tracked by the Staffing Team.