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As part of our ongoing commitment to supporting your journey into education and your ongoing development, i-teachers are delighted to offer training courses throughout your placement.

We will encourage you to collaborate with your Consultant and partner school to select the courses which will be the most beneficial for your personal progress and future career.

Please see the range of courses on offer below or speak to your Consultant for more information.

What courses can be taken?

Understanding the EYFS 2021

In our Understanding the EYFS course, you will gain detailed insight into what the changes are and how you can implement these into your role and setting. You will also explore the relevant legislation that applies to your practice.

Safeguarding Children Level 2

This course is perfect for anyone that works around children as it is important to have a detailed knowledge of how to safeguard them from harm. The units cover all pieces of legislation that relate to safeguarding children as well as also looking at the types of abuse a child can suffer.

Autism Awareness

This course will help you to have a better understanding of autism including what autism is and how to spot signs and symptoms. We will then go onto look at getting a diagnosis as an adult and how it is different to a diagnosis for a child.

Children’s Mental Health

It is important for people who work with children to know how they can support children who have mental health difficulties. This Children’s Mental Health course will give you an insight into the different types of mental health difficulties common in children and how to help young people through these.

Dyslexia Awareness

In our Dyslexia Awareness course, you will gain a greater understanding of what dyslexia is, how it can affect a child in their learning, you will also gain knowledge on how testing for dyslexia is done and how a child with dyslexia can be supported in the classroom. This course is suitable for those who work in education and for parents and guardians.

Equality and Diversity for Teachers

In our Equality and Diversity for Teachers course, you will gain a detailed insight into the four main types of discrimination. You will learn what protected characteristics are under the equality Act 2010 and will explore each one in detail. You will consider that you have a responsibility to promote equality, diversity and inclusion when teaching and in general whilst you are at work. Every person in your education setting must be treated fairly and with dignity and respect regardless of their individual characteristics, beliefs and traits.

Managing behaviour that challenges

This course is perfect for people who live and work with children who experience behaviour that challenges. Throughout the course we look at some of the causes and consequences of such behaviour and what kinds of strategies can be developed in order to manage it in the most effective way.

Mental Health in Schools

Our Mental Health in Schools course will look at the various different aspects of how positive mental health can be promoted in children, how this can impact their well-being and reduce the possibility for the development of mental health problems. This course would be perfect for anyone working with children.

Paediatric First Aid Training

Our paediatric first aid course is perfect for any qualified first aiders, who work around children to complete to refresh their training, so that they are up to date on their knowledge.

Prevent and Radicalisation

This course will explore what Prevent – the governments strategy to tackle radicalisation, covers and how to work to prevent the risk of someone being radicalised. Through the units, students will explore various case studies and learn the skills needed to prevent young and vulnerable people from being radicalised.

Supporting Children with Learning Difficulties and Disabilities

Our Supporting Children with Learning Difficulties and Disabilities is suitable for those working with children who have learning disabilities and difficulties to further develop your knowledge and how safeguarding children with disabilities and learning difficulties could impact you and them if it is not done properly and thoroughly.

Supporting Children with Speech, Language and Communication

Our Supporting Children with Speech Language and Communication course is suitable for parents, social workers and teachers. You will gain a detailed insight into the reasons why speech, language and communication are so important and how we use them and some of the difficulties children can experience/face.

To enrol on one of these courses through i-teachers please contact your consultant.

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