Are you a teacher returning to the UK?

Are you a Maths,
English or Science
teacher working overseas,
looking to repatriate
to the UK?


Do you want to schedule all of your interviews in a single week, so you can fly over to secure a permanent post within a week of landing back in the UK?

Need someone with the right contacts, to filter posts on your behalf and avoid completing multiple application forms?


Here at i-teachers we specialise in securing permanent positions for teachers who are relocating!

We have a number of schools across the UK who are keen to interview teachers like you, and i-teachers put YOU at the centre of the process.

Remote application process Schools selected on your exact requirements
SKYPE interviews Your decision to interview
Free Specialist advice Your timescales
Confirmed interviews before you commit to travel

If you are looking to start at a new school in September and don’t know how to proceed because you are currently overseas, we are here to help.

Please get in touch to discuss your next career step.

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