10 Questions you should ask in a teacher interview


Ever wondered what you should be asking your interviewer at your teaching interview? Read on to find out the best questions to ask in a teacher interview!

Questions to ask in a teacher interview

So you’re coming to the end of your teacher interview. You feel the questions have gone well – you were well prepared and gave your best answers. Then comes their final question – ‘Do you have any questions for us?’. Asking your interviewer questions at the end of the interview is not only a great way for you to find out more about the role, but a fantastic opportunity to show your interviewer your genuine interest in both the role and the school. But, what should you ask? Here are iteachers’ top 10 questions to ask in a teacher interview!

1. What is a typical day like for someone in this position?

It’s a great question to ask in your teacher interview what a typical day would look like if you got the role. Ask your interviewer how your day would normally be structured as this will give you the best idea of what the reality of your role would look like!

Some specific questions you may want to ask are:

  • What time would my day usually start/finish?
  • How would my mornings/afternoons usually be structured?
  • How long would a lesson typically last?
  • What time are break/dinner times?
  • How often does the school hold assembly?

2. What extracurricular activities are available for teacher participation?

Asking your interviewer which extracurricular activities are available for teacher participation is a great way of showing your dedication to the school outside of what is expected from you. Find out which after school clubs and activities are on offer and how you could get involved in them. It’s a great way of showing your interviewer any hobbies or interesting skills that you have outside of teaching. How about offering a new idea for an extracurricular activity that you could run or contribute to? This is a great way of demonstrating your passion to a potential employer. 

3. What opportunities does this school offer for professional development and growth?

Many interviewees feel that asking about development and growth opportunities in an interview is daunting. However, most interviewers will appreciate you wanting to know the kind of opportunities for growth that they could provide! It demonstrates a willingness to grow in your role and a desire to develop further both personally and professionally as part of their school cohort. Ask about training opportunities, any available workshops or how they have supported the professional development of their staff in the past! This is another fantastic question to ask in a teacher interview.

4. What do other teachers like most about this school?

Another great way to gain a more ‘inside’ view of the school you are hoping to teach at is to ask what other teachers in similar roles enjoy about the school. It’s a great way for you to get a real feel for the culture of the school and the benefits that they provide to their staff. You can ask more specifically about the department you are applying to work in. What do the members of staff in this department enjoy so much about working there? Why do they want to work here over other schools?

5. How many students are in an average classroom? How do we support children with additional needs?

Another great question to ask in your teacher interview! Asking about the number of students in a classroom may sound like a basic question, however it is a great way for you to compare the potential role to any previous teaching experience you have. If you’ve worked with a similar class size before, tell your interviewer how you made this work and how you succeeded. If you haven’t, let them know that you’re excited for the challenge! Ask about how children with additional needs are supported in the classroom. It’s useful to find out whether you would have a teaching assistant to help you out!

6. Is there a set curriculum? Do teachers have any input about the curriculum they teach?

This question is not only a great way of finding out more about the schools’ specific curriculum but is also a chance for you to contribute any interesting ideas you may have. If the school is big on curriculum involvement, offer some ideas about what you would include or mention any past successes you may have had at other schools.

7. How would you describe the culture at the school?

Perhaps one of the best questions to ask in a teacher interview is what the culture of the school is like. The ‘culture’ of a school encompasses all the attitudes, behaviours, guiding beliefs and values evident in the way a school operates. Schools strive to have a positive culture which is defined by elements such as how well students learn, the importance of safety and wellbeing and how involved staff feel. Ask about the culture and then let your interviewer know why you think you would be such a great fit!

8. What are some of the goals you have for the school this year?

Asking about the goals of the school is a fantastic way of demonstrating your dedication to the school as a whole. Find out their specific goal and give examples of how you believe you could contribute towards this!

9. What are some of your expectations for a teacher who wants to become a long-term employee at this school?

This is a fantastic question to ask in a teacher interview as you can find out what expectations that the interview would have of you as a teacher. This gives you a rounded idea of what they require from you and whether this suits you personally as a teacher. It also demonstrates to your interviewer that you are interested in a long-term career at their school and have a strong willingness to please!

10. What type of anti-bullying measures is this school taking?

Ask about the anti-bullying measures that the school has in place or are planning to develop. Expressing your interest in this demonstrates a wider dedication to the school than just teaching. Mention any ideas you may have in terms of anti-bullying policies or how you have contributed to any measures successfully in other schools!