5 reasons why you should become a primary school teacher!

07/02/2022 | All

Are you considering a career in Primary education? For those considering a career in teaching, there are a high number of potential motivators. Many feel a calling to impact the life of students while others are drawn in by the opportunity to make a difference to the education system. Teaching can be a challenging profession, but is also one of the most rewarding careers for many. So why become a primary school teacher? Here are just 5 reasons people are drawn to a primary teaching career.

Why become a primary school teacher?

There are lots of reasons why you should become a primary school teacher including:

  • To make a difference
  • Because no two days are the same
  • You can bring your passion to the table
  • You’ll give yourself lifelong learning opportunities
  • You can work all over the world

Let’s look at each reason in turn!

Teaching makes a difference

If you ask most budding teachers “why do you want to become a teacher?”, they’ll most likely tell you about their desire to make a real difference to the lives of students. Unlike many other professions, as a teacher you are able to see the changes you are making first hand. Most people will remember their favourite Primary School teacher for as long as they live! There’s no feeling quite like seeing the spark of understanding on a child’s face as something “clicks” for them, or being able to help a student really reach their full potential. 

So why become a Primary School teacher? So that you can impact the lives of children from all walks of life, help to shape the next generation and really make a difference to a child’s education. 

No two days are the same

Although many people thrive in a working environment where they know exactly what is expected, for many the repetitiveness of a typical 9-5 career is not fulfilling enough. If you’re the type of person who thrives in a dynamic working environment and not getting stuck in a rut, Primary School teaching may be just right for you!

Teaching is a career with built-in variety – no two days are ever the same! With a range of topics and units to teach, the opportunity to work with such a wide variety of children and the endless opportunity for extra-curricular involvement – job satisfaction is almost guaranteed!

Bring your passion to the table

Are you passionate about a certain core subject such as English, Maths or Science? Think about how your passion originated. For many, this is embedded in an inspirational teacher from their past! The kind of passion and knowledge you have is what will make a lesson interesting and engaging for children. Passionate people make for amazing teachers as they truly inspire others to get on board or share their curiosity for the subject of study. 

Teachers can work all over the world

A qualification in Primary School teaching not only offers highly transferable skills, but also offers great mobility. Teaching is a skill needed around the globe and, with a rapidly increasing mobile population, international schools which service expat communities outside of the UK are growing at significant rates. 

If you want a career that will allow you to travel and experience new horizons whilst also still making a difference and contributing to society, teaching could be the perfect opportunity for you!

Lifelong learning opportunities

A career as a Primary School teacher provides you with the opportunity for lifelong learning as well as teaching! During your career as a teacher you will not only be exposed to child and educational psychology as well as best practises in education, but you also have opportunities to master new subjects and specialities. Add a dose of keeping up to date with the latest innovations in technology and teaching, and you have a recipe for continuous learning of new skills. 

Teaching also provides huge opportunities for personal development, especially in areas such as public speaking and organisational skills. So, if you have a thirst for learning and developing in an educational environment, becoming a teacher will ensure that you learn as much as you teach!

How can I start my journey to becoming a Primary School Teacher?

If you’re a passionate individual with a desire to make a difference, you may now be wondering how to take your first steps towards becoming a Primary School teacher. There are several routes and options you can take to train to teach. The most common route is to undertake a university course which leads to QTS (Qualified Teacher Status). If you already have a degree, a one year PGCE is the most popular route to take, allowing you a ‘fast track’ route into teaching. There are also now a growing number of programmes enabling prospective teachers to train with an apprenticeship

At i-teachers we have a variety of Primary Teaching roles available. If you’re a graduate considering whether to embark on a teacher training course, we also have a variety of graduate teaching assistant roles available – allowing you to gain some classroom experience before making any major decisions! For more information, contact us to speak to one of our education consultants.