5 ways to rediscover the joy of teaching

13/02/2023 | All

There is no doubt that education is by far one of the most rewarding professions. No two days are ever the same and every day is a new opportunity to make a true impact on someone’s life. It’s also known to be one of the most challenging careers. If, however, you find yourself flagging – don’t worry! There are many easy ways to spice up your professional life and rediscover the joy of teaching.

Sometimes all it takes is a slight mindset shift. We have put together 5 ways to rediscover the joy of teaching!

1. Re-focus on your passion

Remember what it was that brought you into education. 9/10 times this is down to the passion and energy you have for your specialist subject. The best teachers are truly immersed in their specialist field of knowledge. They are inspired by new ideas that challenge their thinking and their love of constant learning sustains their chosen vocation.

Why not take an online course to gain some new knowledge on your specialist subject? Or why not organise a field trip relating to your subject to try and re-ignite that passion? The more enthusiasm and passion you have for your subject, the better your ability to teach it!

2. Remember to have fun

Your classroom is full of different, sometimes challenging, very often humorous personalities. Recognise and appreciate this! Above all, indulge everyone’s sense of fun. Yes, the goal of a teacher is to impart knowledge, but your students will thrive on fun. So give them enjoyable lessons – they will learn and remember more!

A recent study by The Open University showed that more than 90% of students agreed that learning should involve having fun. And when the class is having fun, you will too! This is important for your own mental health and even greater job satisfaction.

3. Continually evolve

It is so important to remember your love of learning. For many, the main reason to get into teaching is a love of lifelong learning. It is an enjoyable and never-ending evolution. So continue to innovate and adapt your lesson plans – this keeps things fresh and engaging for both you and your students.

Why not seek out some new skills? Try new tech tools or engage with different kinds of social circles. Reaching out for new experiences in this way will fine-tune your own teaching methods. Ultimately, it will widen and deepen the knowledge and skills that you can offer to your students whilst helping to rediscover your joy for teaching.

4. Don’t be afraid to say no!

Even when you truly love your job, burn-out is possible. It is important to remember that it is ok to say no to extra work. Whether this is by extra-curricular activities or helping out a colleague in need – it is ok to not allow yourself to be pressured into agreeing to do something. It is essential to take care of your own health and wellbeing to avoid burn-out.

5. Be present

The classroom environment is full of lightbulb moments. For example, watching a student finally get the hang of something that they spent a long time struggling with, or noticing a child come over a huge barrier they have been facing. These moments are especially enjoyable for any teacher – by allowing yourself to be distracted or stressed you can easily miss them.

Remember to build those individual connections with students whenever you can. Focus on what they are saying and be truly present in the moment – the immediate and long-term rewards will be worth it!

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