How to beat the January Blues – Teaching Edition!

20/01/2023 | All

We all know the feeling – those first few weeks back to normality after last month’s festivities. There’s no doubt that the January Blues come creeping up on most of us once our routine has resumed. A mixture of dull winter weather and the prospect of a long way until summer leaves many of us slipping into a negative mindset at the start of the year. However, with the right mindset, you can beat the January Blues! We have put together some top tips on how to do so.

Set out your intentions for the year

January is the month of the dreaded ‘new years resolutions’. It can be hard to log onto social media during the first week of January to see hundreds of posts about huge resolutions and goals for 2023. It’s not always the best idea to set unrealistic and unmeasurable expectations for yourself. This often leads to many of us beating ourselves up weeks into the new year for not reaching our goals!

Similar to setting learning objectives in the classroom, set yourself ‘intentions’ that are more focused and not so vague. Make them more specific, measurable and therefore manageable. For example, rather than setting a target of ‘be more organised’, set yourself small measurable intentions week by week such as:

  • Week 1 – Plan my classroom displays for the term
  • Week 2 – Create a marking plan that works with my schedule
  • Week 3 – Decide which nights are best to plan my lessons

Set time for self care

Working in a teaching role can often leave you feeling exhausted. Have a think – when was the last time you did something solely for you? Whatever self care means to you, it is important to make time for it in your schedule – whether it be an hour of yoga a week, half an hour of reading your favourite genre per night or joining a new gym. In order to stick to it, we recommend writing yourself a weekly self care plan or diary so it’s not so easy to forget. Have a look at ours for some inspo:

Positive affirmations

Ever heard of an affirmation? Positive affirmations are positive and inspirational personal phrases that we repeat to ourselves. They are particularly useful when setting and manifesting goals, dreams or experiences that we desire. Repeat them every day to yourself, save them as your phone background, stick them on post it notes around your house or set them as random calendar reminder – whatever works for you! If you are unsure on where to begin, start with your intentions and resolutions for the year. For example, if your resolution is to get a promotion, think about the affirmations you can focus on to help you reach the goal. These could be “I am capable”, “I can do it and I will do it” or “I will keep trying”. They should be simple, present and first person so that you can imagine yourself achieving them in the here and now. Focusing on these affirmations every day will help you with keeping a positive mindset and drive you to get those goals!

Get active!

Exercise is proven to be one of the best ways to improve well-being and mood. The good news is that it doesn’t have to mean getting hot and sweaty! Making small changes to your routine can make all the difference. Use the stairs instead of the life, circulate your classroom more during the day or take a walk whenever you get chance. You may not want to, but the endorphin release guarantees you will feel better afterwards! To encourage you even more, why not make an exciting extracurricular activity to get your students involved?

Address any worries

Addressing your worries is key to gaining that positive mindset at the start of the year. Although it can be hard to face it at times, addressing your worries is the only way to set a plan to beat them! Think about the specific things that may be making you anxious and make yourself a list. Writing things down may seem a chore but it is the best way to identify the simple solutions that can me made. Once you have admitted and identified your worries, you are far more likely to get rid of them!

Get as much daylight as possible

We all know that January is one of the gloomiest months of the year. The dark mornings and evenings are still lingering and many of us find ourselves going to work and leaving work in the darkness. A lack of daylight is partly why people suffer ‘winter blues’, especially as most working hours are spent inside. It may be cold but grab those break duties when you can! Take every chance to be outside during the day – it is bound to boost your mood!

Surround yourself with support

It is so important to surround yourself with support. Find someone you feel comfortable to talk to whether it be a family member, a friend or a colleague. Many of your friends and family will be feeling the January Blues too, so team up and support one another!

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