i-teachers Hamburg holiday!


Our team at i-teachers decided to organise a weekend away to focus on teambuilding in the German City of Hamburg.

After a frantic rush to our flight after being abit complacent with our time keeping, we boarded the plane looking forward to the next few days of fun, team bonding and an all-round great time with friends and colleagues. After checking in at the lovely Adina Hotel in the centre of Hamburg, we dropped our bags and went straight out to the ‘Reeperbahn’, where we had a fantastic first night mingling around the local bars and experiencing some of the live music the city had to offer!

With some fantastic sites and activities for all, our first full day started on Saturday morning by having a lovely walk around the city (even prettier in the sun!) , where we stumbled upon BallinStadt – Port Of Dreams! This led us to having a surprisingly informative and fascinating boat ride on the city famous Maritime Circle Line Cruise, and see some of the lovely sights that the city had to offer that we may not have seen by foot.

On board, we were able to get a better feel for the city, sailing past landmarks such as the International Maritime Museum which houses a number of historical model ships, boats, construction plans and maritime artwork which amounted to over 40,000 items.

The highlight of this boat trip was seeing the second largest cargo ship in the world, ‘CMA CGM Antoine de Saint Exupéry’, which has a maximum loading capacity of 20,776 containers and 400 metres long and 59 metres wide. You really do need to see it to believe it and who knew everyone at i-teachers could find an interest cargo ships!

After we had finished our boat tour, we ventured deep into the city centre to find bustling Cathedral Square filled with bars and shops. After a quick ice cream and drink pit stop, we headed back to our hotel to recharge before our evening meal.

We ventured out once again for a meal at the very authentically decorated Hofbräu Wirtshaus. We were lucky enough to be able to taste the local cuisine, with a favourite German delicacy being the absolutely humongous and delicious pork knuckle! Later that evening, we made our way to the world famous ‘Reeperbahn’ to experience some of the finer German nightlife…

On our final day, we took a trip to the local museums and a bike ride down the so called ‘Costa Del Hamburg’ for another try of the local cuisine (Bratwurst/Currywurst), before we eventually made our way back to the airport, once everyone found their passport of course!

Overall, a fabulous weekend exploring Hamburg and spending valuable time with the team!