Our Easter Egg Hunt!

18/04/2019 | All

This week is Easter Sunday, an important day in the Christian calendar, as well as for chocolate enthusiasts!

As most of us are well aware, Easter is now most commonly celebrated by the giving of chocolate Easter eggs to friends and family…but did you know that it originates from a tradition in the middle ages, when Christians would celebrate the end to a period of fasting by giving dairy products such as milk, eggs and cheese? We are pleased that it has evolved into the sharing of sweet rather than savoury eggs!

To celebrate the day itself the team at i-teachers have been partaking in some small Easter egg hunts of our own throughout the day, in which we’ve had thirty seconds to be able to find a variety of small eggs, as well as a giant and more appealing one!

Hamid and Joe were in charge of the hunts, and opted for a one on one match in which two people on the team would be looking around the office to find the most coveted prize our office has ever seen, a chocolate egg!

There was some serious detective work going on throughout the week, with almost every team member finding an egg. However, the real losers were Olivia and Jack, unable to find an egg and bringing shame to the Compliance team! Shame!

We are currently three days in and there’s a real atmosphere building in the office, with a number of eggs still to find! Keep up to date by following our socials to see what happens in the coming days…….