Our team night out at Junkyard Golf!


At the end of every month the team at i-teachers get together for a team social, and this past Friday the team ventured to the fun filled Junkyard Golf, in which we split up into two teams to see who the best golfers on the team were!

The playing area that we were golfing in was called ‘Bozo’, and was filled with plenty of challenges, such as a fairground setting, a spinning wheel and spookiest of all a miniature graveyard (which the majority of the team gave up on due to the tricky terrain)!

After we had finished the course and completed all nine holes, the team got together to evaluate who the best golfer was. In 1st place was Demi with 26, a fantastic score and one to be proud of, followed by Hamid, Amy and Jamie with 29 each.

Following our game at Junkyard Golf, we took the quick walk across to Bunny Jacksons Bar, and settled down for a selection of fantastic 10p wings and a few drinks!

The night ended with some karaoke in China Town, where we had a number of start performers, including Harry and Andy’s rendition of ‘When The Sun Goes Down’ by the Arctic Monkeys!

Overall the team had an absolutely superb night, and are thoroughly looking forward to the next one!