Reasons why you should become a teaching assistant


Why become a teaching assistant?

Have you ever considered a career as a teaching assistant? Perhaps you want to gain some experience as a teaching assistant before committing to teacher training? There are several reasons why becoming a teaching assistant is a fantastic choice of career. Have a read of our 5 main reasons below!

You can help students to conquer their challenges

Classrooms are the busy and bustling hubs of a school and it’s without doubt that class teachers have a job on their hands when teaching lessons. Whilst conducting lessons, managing behaviour and setting tasks – monitoring students individually is a near impossible task. This is where a TA comes in!

As a teaching assistant, you have the opportunity to work with students during class time on a much closer basis. By providing 1-1 and small group support in the classroom, you can give children that extra, individual focus they require to help them conquer their challenges. Whether that be assisting them with reading, writing, building their confidence or simply making them feel comfortable in the classroom environment – a teaching assistant can be the person to really encourage a child to push themselves and achieve their goals.

The work-life balance of a teaching assistant

As with many roles in education, one of the main reasons to become a teaching assistant revolves around the work-life balance that the role offers. The nature of the role provides great flexibility in working hours compared to other careers. Teaching assistants are often only required to work school hours (unless required for extra-curricular activities) and benefit from around 12 weeks holiday per year!

As a TA, you can use your holidays to ensure work-life balance easily. You can do your job with care on weekdays whilst spending quality time with loved ones on the weekend. Most teaching assistants and staff will vouch for the fact that this work-life balance keeps them highly motivated and ultimately makes them more passionate in the classroom!

To change the life of students

As with teachers, many teaching assistants are remembered by their students for years to come! Unlike teachers, TAs have the opportunity to work very closely with students and are often placed to look after the same students throughout the academic year. As a result of this, teaching assistants are often the friendly face that helps many children get through the school day. The impact that a TA can have on a student can be life changing and extremely rewarding!

To improve the quality of education

It goes without saying that one of the main reasons to become a TA is to make a difference to the education system. 

Here are some ways that teaching assistants can help improve the quality of education:

  • Teaching assistants help to reduce the stress low-attaining pupils often experience inside the classroom. This is because TAs focus often their undivided attention on these pupils, thereby helping them cope better with the lessons. Ultimately, this improves the quality of education for all students in the classroom!
  • Teaching assistants massively reduce the workload for teachers. By taking some of the pressure off a classroom teacher, they have more time and passion to really drive into their teaching and classroom management skills!

Stepping stone to further qualifications

Becoming a teaching assistant is a great stepping stone to a career as a teacher! Many people choose to embark on a career as a teaching assistant when considering becoming a teacher. It’s a great way to gain some experience in the classroom before committing yourself to a teacher training course. 

Here are some of the benefits of becoming a teaching assistant before jumping into a teaching career:

  • Observe and learn from experienced/qualified teachers. Pick up skills that you can take into a future teaching career!
  • Gain confidence working in a classroom environment.
  • Experience working with children with a wide range of academic abilities/needs.
  • Gain essential teaching skills which will help you to pass any future teacher training courses.
  • Excellent teaching experience to include on your CV, making you more appealing to employers in the future. 

How i-teachers can help you to become a teaching assistant

Here at i-teachers, we can help you to become a TA. If you are a graduate with a strong academic background and a passion for education then we can help you find your next role on the career ladder.

Our dedicated team of consultants are highly experienced in placing talented candidates in fantastic teaching assistant roles across the UK. We have an extensive number of roles available suited to your subject specialisation and your long term career goals. For further information on how to become a TA and how we can help you, contact a member of our team.