The ”Chazuka Project” – Update!

05/07/2019 | All

Everyone at i-teachers is delighted to be supporting the fantastic Chazuka Project in Malawi as we become the organisation’s first corporate donors! The ‘Chazuka Project’ is a fantastic initiative set up by Alex Hill and Sara Ahmed to offer children in the Chazuka region a holistic education, making sure that literacy, numeracy, expressive arts and practical work are taught in equal measure, with enthusiasm and creativity.

The school has been open for almost 3 months, and over those 3 months significant progress has been made, with the school’s first two teachers Ashia and Grace being trained up and starting to deliver a fun and enriching learning experience for the children, offering them their first steps into education.

As well as their education, the children receive a nutritious bowl of porridge each day to make sure they are concentrated and engaged throughout. Malawi remains one of the poorest countries in the world, many parents are not able to maintain a healthy and balanced diet for their children. So the provision of a meal is adding an extra incentive for the children to come to school, as well as supplying them with the energy and nutrients they need to stay focused and motivated to learn throughout the day!

Although the Malawian government recognises the importance of the first few years in a child development academically as well as socially, they are unable to provide any financial support to Nursery Teachers in the country. Therefore, this means that most nurseries across the country and are mainly run by volunteers and are under resourced, doing their best to provide children with an education, aided by very little resources/facilities.

With the support of i-teachers, the Chazuka Project is now able to offer training and sustainable salaries to Ashia and Grace, meaning that the children will be able to carry on receiving a brilliant standard of academic and social learning!

We are extremely proud to be supporting the work being done by all at the Chazuka Project, and cannot wait for our next update!