The USPs of i-teachers …

26/03/2021 | All

We all have our USPs – they’re what make us unique and what makes us stand out from the crowd! This week the i-teachers team have been reflecting on our company USPs and why they’re so important. Having a key differentiator in the market can be extremely powerful and make you more memorable – something we believe we definitely have at i-teachers!

One of our main USPs at i-teachers is our dedication to long-term solutions. We do not cater to day-to-day supply – we solely focus on sourcing highly talented graduates into long-term support roles and specialise in placing outstanding NQTs, relocating teachers or those looking for progression into permanent positions. Many schools can (and have) eliminated the need for supply through us! We are wholly dedicated to listening to what schools need and helping them to create the best teaching team with passionate graduates and amazing teachers!

Another of our main USPs is our dedicated approach to work. Every member of the i-teachers team is truly committed to adding value and making a difference within education – our dedication and desire to make a difference is key in supporting our clients and candidates! We treat every school as an individual client and offer additional ways to support, completely tailored to each individual need! We do this using tools such as our track and measure reporting tools, which allow schools to demonstrate the impact of our graduate support. For us, it’s not about ‘bums on seats’, but about improving outcomes for pupils and providing perfect matches for every role (as well as reducing budget spend on supply!).

Lastly (but most certainly not least), i-teachers are the highest-rated education consultancy in the UK with 5* on TrustPilot! Our exceptional service is what makes us truly unique. We are with our candidates every step of the way throughout the process, helping to make the best decisions for their career before, during and after every placement. Every i-teachers team member dedicates time to truly listen and understand our candidates – we work extremely hard to keep clients and candidates happy by going the extra mile and it’s amazing to see that reflected in our reviews!

At i-teachers, we truly believe that our USPs make us special and allow us to stand out from the crowd. Our unique approach and passion for relationships and value are the reason we are the Education Recruitment Consultancy of choice for so many graduates, teachers and schools.

Have a think about your USPs! What makes you unique? How do you stand out from the crowd?