Walk to School Week!


Walk to School Week is an initiative that takes place every year aiming to get children more active, as well as reducing the pollution and environment damage from the use of vehicles travelling to school across the country!

The national event was created by Living Streets, who develop a new challenge each year aimed at primary schools raising the recognition of the benefits of walking to school, and reducing the congestion and pollution rates in communities across the country!

This year Living Streets are celebrating the 90th anniversary of the initiative, and have devised a challenge based on getting every young individual involved in their communities. The brilliant activity for this year is a special walk, re-tracing the steps of Living Streets greatest achievements over the course of the last 90 years.

Below is a link to a video published by Living Streets, demonstrating the benefits of walking to school and the positive impact it can have on children and their surrounding areas, as well as giving their parents and guardians a rest without the pressure of the school run!

To play our part in this brilliant initiative, the team have been logging our steps to see just how much walking we got through every day! Take a look below to see who the biggest walker is!

A massive well done to Natalie, with a brilliant total of 54,621 steps over five days!