What to wear to a teaching interview

07/07/2022 | Information for Teachers

Deciding what to wear for a teaching job interview certainly requires some thought, but it should not be a cause for panic! Dressing appropriately is your opportunity to get the day off to a flying start! If you look good you’ll feel good, likely giving you the confidence boost that you need for your interview – boosting your chances of wowing your interviewers and landing you your dream teaching job. 

Why is what I wear to a teaching interview so important?

An interview is your opportunity to impress potential employers. You can accomplish this by preparing answers to questions and researching the school. However, your preparation should go a little further than that. What you wear to a teacher interview says a lot about you, your preparedness and your professionalism. You may be tempted to wear what you would wear teaching a class for your interview, however you’re going to want to go a step further than that. Remember, you’re dressing for success, so it’s OK to wear something more formal than your normal workwear!

Keep it simple

If you’re struggling with what to wear for your teaching interview, keeping it simple is the way to go! Wear professional attire that you feel good and comfortable in. If you’re feeling comfortable and confident walking into that interview room, you’ll be more likely to come across as such when answering your interview questions. 

Although dressing simple is appropriate, make sure to not confuse simple with casual! Avoid casual clothes such as jeans or trainers – swap these for suit pants and smart shoes! Depending on the school’s policy, they may allow this attire for their employees however this is not appropriate for an interview. It’s better to be overdressed than under if you are uncertain!

Plan ahead

Make sure that you plan your clothing with plenty of time until your interview! This gives you the time to buy anything new that you need before your interview. Leaving your outfit choice until the day of your interview not only means more stress for you on the day but runs the risk of you forgetting something important! 

Make sure you’re comfortable!

Comfort is key! Make sure that your outfit choice allows you to move around with ease and doesn’t make you feel restricted as this will leave you feeling uncomfortable and conscious during your interview. Check that you can sit down, stand up and extend your arms comfortably at all times. You’ll be nervous enough without the added concerns over whether the seams in your ill-fitting suit are about to burst!

You don’t want to be worrying about what you’re wearing when you should be focusing on the questions you are being asked. Making sure you’re comfortable will give you the confidence you need to smash your interview!

Add a pinch of personality

It’s OK to add a dash of personality to your outfit! Make sure to keep it professional and appropriate, but accessories can help to showcase who you are as an individual! The interviewers want to know who you are and want to know what you are going to bring to the team, so feel free to allow some of that to come through during your interview! However, it is important to remember the formality of the interview so if in doubt – stay professional!

Be well groomed

It may sound obvious, but being well groomed is just as important as your outfit. First impressions really do count so it is essential to look your best! Make sure your hair is brushed and looking tidy. If it’s been a while since you’ve had a haircut, now might be the time! You want to look your best and show the interviewer the effort that you have put in as this reflects your eagerness for the role!

Check the weather!

Take some time to review the predicted weather patterns on the day of your interview and plan accordingly. It can be helpful to dress in easily removable layers to avoid any mishaps. You’ll want to avoid making a lasting impression because you showed up to the interview drenched in sweat or soaked with rain!

What to wear for a teaching interview

Taking into consideration all of the above, here are some simple outfit ideas for your teaching interview!

  • A pant suit 
  • A tailored suit 
  • Smart pants, a smart shirt and a tie 
  • Pencil skirts 
  • Cardigans 
  • A smart blouse with tailored trousers 
  • A blazer 
  • Smart shoes or court heels 
  • Knee length skirts/dresses

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