When is the best time to look for teaching jobs?

09/06/2022 | All

If a new teaching job is top of your ‘to do’ list, then you may be wondering when is the best time to look for teaching jobs! Whether you’re a newly qualified teacher looking for your first role or an experienced teacher looking for a fresh challenge, you may be wondering if now is a good time to start applying for roles. 

Having helped teachers find their dream jobs for the last 6 years has provided us with industry insights. We’ve formed close working relationships with schools across England and are happy to report that it is possible to get a teaching job at any time of the year! However, there are months that rank better than others for providing teaching jobs. We have put together a month-by-month breakdown to help you understand when is the best time to look for teaching jobs!


After the December school holidays, there are often ample job opportunities due to teachers deciding not to return – leaving open positions to fill mid-year. In January, you can often find emergency positions if you’re hoping to get started immediately. Additionally, if you’re more of a planner, schools may start looking to hire new staff for the upcoming year during this time. It’s very possible you could find a teaching position for the next academic year in January!


Around the Feb/March time of year, school administrators will begin to gain a better picture of their staffing needs for the upcoming year, as meetings usually take place for current teachers to inform schools of their plans for the next year. If you’d like to secure a position early for the upcoming year, this is a great time to begin searching. Always be sure to regularly check job boards, as new positions may appear daily.


Hiring efforts definitely ramp up during this time and these months would indicate the beginning of the peak time to apply for teaching jobs. After the spring holidays, many schools will focus on filling teaching positions for the new year. Many interviews are conducted in the spring months as schools are keen to get their plans in place for the next year as soon as exam periods are over with.


The prime summer months are one of the best times to apply for teaching jobs! At this point of the year, exam periods are over and schools are focused heavily on their hiring efforts as they have a clearer picture of their hiring needs. You can anticipate schools to begin advertising and reaching out as it comes to the end of the school year. It’s a good idea to stay extra organised during this period, as you may be contacted by quite a few schools.


August and September are hot hiring months! As schools prepare and return from their summer breaks, they will be keen to fill in any last minute positions and recognise immediate needs to fill their staffing needs. It is not uncommon for schools to hire the bulk of their new teachers two weeks before the start of the school year! Even if you aren’t hired right before school starts, don’t be discouraged – school’s will continue to hire after the year has started! Many of the job postings during these months are last-minute jobs, which means that hiring managers must act fast!


By October, all schools are back in session. It is during this point that student numbers will be finalised and it is often the case that if there are more students than the school has previously anticipated, they will hire immediate-start teachers. Be sure your CV is up to date and ready to go on a moment’s notice, so you can apply to your dream job as soon as it’s posted!

How i-teachers can help you find teaching jobs

Here at i-teachers, we are an education recruitment consultancy focusing on providing long term and permanent jobs in Primary, Secondary and SEN schools across the UK. 

So, how can i-teachers help you to find a teaching job?:

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  • For our job seekers we provide an approachable, responsible and easy to work with team of professionals, all driving towards finding the perfect role and ideal solution for the future. 

What makes us unique:

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Get in touch with one of our dedicated consultants to find out more on how to find teaching jobs, or have a look through some of our current vacancies!