Meet the Team – Demi’s Story

29/07/2021 | All

Another week, another consultant story! We are continuing with our series showcasing our amazing i-teachers’ consultants and their story! Our i-teachers family are passionate about making a difference within education and all have their own fantastic journey to share.

This week, meet Demi! Demi is our Education Consultant for the West Yorkshire area. Demi has a huge passion and is very committed to helping teachers and graduates find their perfect roles in the teaching industry. In her spare time Demi enjoys keeping fit, travelling and spending time with her friends and family!

Tell us a bit about you and your history!

“I completed my undergraduate degree in Exercise, Nutrition and Health in 2016 with a 1st class honours. I then went onto being a TA for a year before going onto teacher training, completing this in 2018. I worked as a Secondary PE Teacher before identifying teaching itself just wasn’t for me, but I was still so passionate about Education but also Health (from my degree). I took a step back from Education and decided to pursue a role working for the NHS as a Health Coach, supporting people with Type 2 Diabetes. After around a year I realised it just wasn’t for me. I know people say this all the time – but I just wasn’t getting enjoyment out of my job and wanted to set a career for myself. This is when I interviewed for i-teachers and come back into the education industry.”

Why did you choose recruitment as a career?

“Why recruitment? Firstly, my other half works in recruitment and I realised how rewarding financially it could be. I’ve always been money motivated so thought this is perfect. Still working with schools and staying in education, running my own desk (mini business I call it!) and earning money, what more could I want? So, I took the leap in 2019 and I’ve not looked back since.”

What do you enjoy most about working at i-teachers?

“I have been at i-teachers for two years running the West Yorkshire desk, also recently taking on the West Midlands too. I have loved working for i-teachers, the job itself, the friends I’ve made, just everything! I’m so glad I made this jump! The main thing I enjoy about working at i-teachers is the family bond we have, we are all super close and love to go out and have fun together. The team are super supportive, we have a fab CEO and managing consultant who are on standby when you have stressful days. We just pick each other up – which at times you definitely need. It can be a challenging role but it’s extremely rewarding!”